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Product Mantainence, Stocks Tracking and Sales

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Sales,View Sales, Returns, View Returns

Sales Invoice
& Returns


Bar Code and Labels

Bar Code Generation
& and Printing

We help in automatic Bar Code Generation, Label Templates and Printing to Size

Websites and Mobile Apps

& Mobile Applications

Develop & Deploy Websites, Develop & Deploy Mobile Apps

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Billing & Inventory Management

Create/View Product Types, Category Types, Brands, Products, Generate Sales, View Sales, Inventory Audits, Returns, View Returns, Customer Maintainence, Loyalty Management,Daily Sales Report, Purchase Orders, View Purchase Orders, Suppliers Workflow, GST Reports

Inventory Management

Product Types Management
Category Types Management
Brands Management
Products Management
Product Stocks
Search Stocks
Stock Log Management

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Sales & Billing

Bar Code Generation
Label Generation
Print Invoice
View Sales
Pending Payments Tracking
Supplier Management

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Returns Management
Customer Management
Loyalty Management
Purchase Order Workflow
Expense Workflow
Sales Report
GST Reports

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Our solutions for your business growth

Easily create the Sales Orders and manage the entire order workflow. It can be Full/ Partial Payments.
Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximise control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting

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We Provide Inventory Software for Small/Medium Large Business
We help you make your software and/or development and QA processes compliant with standards and regulations.
If a client comes to us for website we build a website,conceptualize and build the website of their dreams and reach their overarching marketing and business goals.
Our mobile consulting services help you decide on your target OS and settle for a specific mobile development platform. We know what native, hybrid and cross-platform development tools are capable of and will suggest the most suitable and effective development option based on your app’s functional requirements and available budget.

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